Employee Benefits Compliance

At Wysong Associates Marketing, Inc. Insurance & Financial Services, we comprehend that understanding, planning for, and complying with Healthcare Reform legislation (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or successive replacements) will continue to be of critical importance to employers. Furthermore, ongoing compliance with the extensive list of other acronyms and statutes (including ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, MSPP and FMLA) relating to the health and welfare benefits are essential your business’ success. The resources and depth of experience at Wysong Associates Marketing, Inc. Insurance & Financial Services can help bring your employee benefits program into compliance in an economical and prudent manner, ensuring that your benefits program structure, procedures, and policies meet current and future legal requirements.

Key Compliance Topics of Concern to Employers

➙ Health Care Reform Planning and Compliance

➙ Wellness Programs and Health Risk Assessments (HRA)

➙ SPD (Summary Plan Description)

➙ SMM (Summary of Material Modification)

➙ SBC (Summary of Benefits and Coverage)

➙ Health Reimbursement Accounts

➙ Health Savings Accounts

➙ Flexible Spending Accounts

➙ Form 5550 Filing


➙ Medicare Part D Notices

➙ Medicare Secondary Payer and Provisions

➙ FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

➙ QMCSO (Qualified Medical Child Support Order)

➙ Leave of Absence Policies

➙ Human Resource Consulting